Does a tidy desk matter?

You might be wondering if there is a better way for you to gain more productivity throughout the day. Well, the answer could be closer than you think. Let’s take a look at your current workspace.

Are you using the best tools for you to keep yourself organized? This may be utilizing Google calendar, Excel spreadsheets, or you may be old-school with a paper calendar and notebook. The important thing is, you have a system that works for you.

Next, let’s take a look at the workspace itself. Is your desk surface relatively uncluttered and are you only displaying those items you use often? Do you have two monitors because that will certainly increase productivity as we all know seeing more on your screen(s) helps increase efficiency. Is your chair comfortable? Is it the right distance from your computer monitor? A comfortable chair is of utmost importance; we need to protect our backs from undo strain. Also, do you have ergonomic pads for your wrists to rest on? Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a big liability for workplaces requiring hours of typing so make sure you are taking care of your wrists appropriately.

Lastly, let’s take a look at your work environment. Studies have shown that surrounding yourself with a cluttered environment decreases work productivity so it’s important to keep distractions to a minimum. If you work from home, make sure your gaming system is in another room so you aren’t losing focus on your work projects by jumping on your console for long breaks. Speaking of breaks, it’s important to take them. Similar work-related productivity studies have shown those employees that take regular ten-minute breaks are more productive throughout the day than those that take no breaks at all.

So, in short…
*Use the best tools that work for you.
*Keep your desk tidy and ergonomically supportive.
*Take regular breaks and decrease distractions.

And one last thing, stay hydrated! An appropriate amount of water helps our bodies (and brains) function better so make sure you drink plenty! Happy Monday! And now back to work…

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