So you’ve started a business, now what?

You need a website! But how do you determine which company you need to host your new site? Here are a handful of recommendations that may be helpful to you…

* Determine what needs you have for the site…are you vlogging 24 hours a day or do you sell items on your website? This will determine what kind of host you need.

* Once you know what you need, check out reviews of web hosting companies and do your research.

* Once you’ve decided on a reputable company to host your site, choose the right hosting package. How much support do you need?

* Don’t get stuck on price. It’s easy to go with the cheapest, but sometimes you get exactly what you pay for so make sure you research the company you’re going with to ensure they have fast servers, attentive customer service, and have a reputable name in the industry. What other sites are they hosting? Chances are if they are hosting some well-known companies, they’ll be a good fit for you too.

* Read the terms. Make sure you know what you’re getting and what is not included. It’s always a good idea when starting a new business to have a knowledgeable IT person on hand that you can contact with any questions about internet, streaming, hosting, and the like. Now that you’ve worked hard to open your business, you want to be sure people can find you online.

Let us know what hosting platform you’ve had success with and what you look for in a hosting platform.

Have a great week!

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